COVID-19 Statement - Aged Care & Medical

We are all currently working and living in unprecedented times and we would like to provide you with an update on how Aged Care & Medical is operating in relation to the Coronavirus (COVID 19).

Aged Care & Medical has always implemented strict hygiene and safety policies to minimise the risk of infection and injury to our staff and customers.

We continue to operate with stringent hygiene & safety standards and now more than ever our whole community is focused on the need to be vigilant with our hygiene.

Our Hygiene Standards

Aged Care & Medical hygiene standards to minimise COVID-19 and other infections are as below:

  • All Aged Care & Medical vehicles/staff have fully stocked hygiene kits (antibacterial wipes, disposable rubber latex gloves and alcohol based sanitiser). These kits are used pre/post every customer visit and with any public interaction (e.g. visiting suppliers, buying petrol; going to the supermarket; etc)
  • Disposable rubber latex gloves are worn at every customer appointment
  • Use soap and water for hand washing at every other opportunity
  • Implement Social Distancing and avoid physical contact with our customers and the greater general public (maintaining 1.5m between our customer/others, no greetings to involve handshaking, hugging or kissing). A signature for delivery or collection of goods is currently not required
  • Personal hygiene - wipe down steering wheels, mobile phone, remote controls (high touch areas); pay using card/mobile rather than cash; clean fresh fruit & veg thoroughly before eating/cooking; wash hands before and after every meal; wash hands after visiting the bathroom; regularly wash uniforms, clothes, sheets & pillow cases
  • Sleep - prioritise 8 to 9 hours
  • Nutrition - eat foods that help immunity; very minimal alcohol

Any staff member who has symptoms of the virus must not come to the office or visit customers, and must seek the advice of a GP immediately.

Our Courier Network 

We are also encouraging our Courier Deliveries & Drivers to adopt these policies, specifically the signing of delivery of goods, however these are at the discretion of each Courier Company. Should you wish to have any deliveries, left without signature, please advise our team your "Authority to Leave" Noting: your assume all responsibility for the delivery including the condition of the goods on arrival.

Our Commitment

At all times we will be guided by Health and Government officials to ensure the health and well being of our staff and customers is always the key consideration. We will also be guided by our Service Providers and Allied Health professionals who we work closely with.

We recognise that circumstances are forever changing and we will continue to monitor developments. Aged Care & Medical will continue to play our part in best servicing our customers and to slow the spread of the virus. Should you have any questions or queries relating to this or any of our business operations. Please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 003 930 or email

Thanks and keep safe.

Sue Cook
Aged Care & Medical
1300 003 930