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Hip Sizes:
Small: 70-90cm
Medium: 85-115cm
Large: 115-145cm
X-Large: 140-175cm

Suitable for active persons and patients confined to bed, providing secure protection and wearing comfort for moderate cases of incontinence.

  • Adjusted fit & Elasticated side panels: Elasticated side panels in the hip area ensure better adaptation to the body’s shape and movement, delivering improved comfort for the patient
  • Ergonomic use: Approximatively 20% faster application as well as an easier and more ergonomic handling for caregivers
  • Re-closable tapes: 2 re-closable tapes (one for each side) for easy handling and secure closing
  • Active skin protection: Skin-friendly, pH 5.5 ensures maximum skin compatibility. Keeps skin dry with a 3-layer absorbent core and advanced dry technology
  • Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested: The materials used have extremely low potential to trigger allergic reactions
  • Odour neutralizer: Neutralises unpleasant odours, for enhanced well-being
  • Anti-leakage system: Ensures greater leakage protection for more security
SKU: NS0006979
MoliCare Premium Elastic 6 Drops - Carton

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