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Hip Measurements:
Small: 70-90cm
Medium: 85-120cm
Large: 115-145cm
X-Large: 140-175cm

The two elasticated side panels and re-closable tapes of MoliCare® Premium Elastic offer advantages for the patient and for the caregiver: For the patient, MoliCare® Premium Elastic is comfortable to wear with an adjusted fit as the elasticated side panels adapt to the body’s shape and movement. Reduced handling whilst changing the product helps to preserve the patient's dignity. The caregiver benefits from reduced body stress as MoliCare® Premium Elastic is easier and faster to apply and helps with more ergonomic handling. The application is self-explanatory and intuitive including 4 instead of 8 steps compared to traditional slips. A curly fiber layer provides a highly antibacterial and pH 5.5 neutral effect to maintain healthy skin. All-round protection is provided by fast absorption, anti-leakage system and quick dry system.

SKU: NS0006991
MoliCare Premium Elastic 9 Drops - Carton

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