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Hip Measurements:
Medium: 80-120cm
Large: 100-150cm
X-Large: 130-170cm
  • MoliCare Premium Mobile pants look and feel like regular underwear through anatomical shape, soft material and lycras for a comfortable fit and discreetness.
  • Curly fiber layer provides a highly antibacterial and pH 5.5 neutral effect to maintain healthy skin.
  • Dermatologically tested. The absorbent core neutralises odour and holds liquids quickly for a dry feeling.
  • Maximum leakage protection is secured based on high-quality material and the two-part cuff system. Tear-open side seams assure a convenient removal.
  • Colored lycras indicate size, absorbency and front garment.

Cartons include the following quantities;

Medium; 42 (3 packets x 14 pull ups)
Large; 56 ( 4 packets x 14 pull ups)
X-Large; 56 ( 4 packets x 14 pull ups)

SKU: NS0002249
MoliCare Premium Mobile 10 Drops - Carton

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